Tag: volume rendering

As part of an ongoing research project we decided to see how far we could push real-time volume rendering using only GLSL shaders. The video shown here demonstrates some of the supported features such as: Multiple iso-surface shading Density plotting Arbitrary oriented contour planes Arbitrary oriented cutting plane The shown video is running on an explicit dataset 256^3 4x16bit floating data on a Nvidia GTX470 graphics card.   [vimeo]http://vimeo.com/44234825[/vimeo]

Here is a tech demo of our Cuda smoke visualizer software. The software demonstrates real-time interaction and visualization with a smoke data set. It is possible to adjust several parameters such as density and lighting position. To download press HERE.

The Visible Ear Simulator website is available. Download of the free-ware version will be available soon: http://www.alexandra.dk/ves/