As part of the GPGPU course at the University of Aarhus in 2005 we developed a very simple set of base-classes for General Purpose Computation using the Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) through OpenGL, Nvidia CG, and either framebuffer objects or PBuffers for render-to-texture functionality. Today you should ideally use Nvidia CUDA or OpenCL for GPGPU – but the code might still be of interest for older hardware or a pure OpenGL/CG based approach to GPGPU:

SimpleReactionDiffusion (framebuffer_object).zip

The archive file includes the EasyGPUProgram class that has methods to initiate data in a 2d grid layout, do computation (as a cg fragment shader), and retrieve the data. We have  included a reaction-diffusion example based on GPU Gems 2 chapter 31 using the EasyGPUProgram class.

GPU Raycasting Tutorial
Simulation of Congenital Heart Surgeryproject

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