Author: Thomas Kim Kjeldsen

Introduction WebGL is a technology that has pushed the limits of content that can be published on the web. For example, Fig. 1 shows that with a modern graphics card, WebGL allows us to render very complex scenes with hundreds of thousands of polygons directly in a browser window. One challenge is now that large amounts of geometric data must be transferred over a network connection prior to rendering of such complex scenes. With current broadband connections users expect smooth browsing…

In a previous post we presented a bar diagram as a quick overview over data from Danish municipalities. We have now released a live demo that utilizes some of the newest html5 features, e.g. WebGL. Click here to launch the demo. You need a recent chrome, firefox, safari (non iOS) or opera browser. Internet Explorer is not supported. Use the keys “wasdqe” and the mouse to navigate and change between dataset in the right column.  

Merry Christmas to you all out there. Do you want to stress your computer a bit during the holidays. Then please try our new Christmas path-tracing demo. Download the Tech Demo