Do you know the real value of your data?

– Visualise your data and learn the true meaning and value of your data for you, your organisation and your partners.
At the exclusive hands-on workshop on Big Data Visualisation we show you how your data can be transformed from a big list of symbols to visualisations that can be understood, interpreted and fed into decision processes. 4 keynote speakers will guide us through a day of hands-on work-stations covering:

  1. Creating value from data through business models;
  2. Mapping the interactions between data and use;
  3. Creating beautiful and useful mock-ups of big data.

Each hands-on workstation will be manned by experts in the area, guiding the participants thorough a number of steps to develop a (1) Business Model Canvas, (2) Story Board about User Interactions and (3) Visualisation Mock-Up, based on your data and ideas.


1000-1030 Welcome by Jesper Mosegaard and Mirko Presser
1030-1100 Marcelo Soria Rodriguez, BBVA “Financial Data Visualisation”
1100-1200 Workstations Round 1
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1330 Børge Obel,  ICOA, “Organizations and Big Data”
1330-1430 Workstations Round 2
1430-1500 The City of Aarhus (TBA)
1500-1600 Workstations Round 3
1600-1630 Andreas Lykke-Olesen, Kollision, “Designing Interactive Communication”

The workshop will be held in Danish with some of the presentations in English. The attendance is limited to 30 persons with a first come first serve basis.


No later than the 23th of November 2012 on


Wednesday 5th of December 2012
’Smedien’, Centralværkstedet
Værkmestergade 9
8000 Aarhus C

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