We presented our WebGL raytracer at the Visionday 2013 event.

Material presented in the talk:
Slides (pdf)
Demo 1: Motorcycle
Demo 2: Cornell box Xmas theme

Use the left mouse button and the keys “wasdqe” to control the camera.
Use the right mouse button to select objects in the scene. The active object can be translated with the gizmo and the material can be changed in the column on the right hand side.

You should ensure that you have a web browser that supports WebGL with the OES_texture_float extension.
If you use Windows you will need a recent version Firefox (v17 has been tested) or Chrome (v23 has been tested) due to some optimizations in the shader compiler in the Angle layer. Alternatively you have to enable native opengl in your browser (in Firefox open about:config and set webgl.prefer-native-gl=true, in Chrome use the command line argument –use-gl=desktop).


You can also load your own 3d models. This feature was used for our Xmas competition which was won by this nice image created by Jonas Raagaard.

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