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Here is a tech demo of our Cuda smoke visualizer software. The software demonstrates real-time interaction and visualization with a smoke data set. It is possible to adjust several parameters such as density and lighting position. To download press HERE.

Our first attempt to use photonmapping in our Cuda raytracer, 300 samples pr pixel, 1200×800, final image rendering time 65 secs. Here is the famous sponza scene in a 400 pixel pr sample rendering, without and with photonmapping. At this…

Nice real-time smoke visualization, rendered by our CUDA tracer including a clear sky model. The smoke dataset was delivered by Michael Bang and Brian Bunch Christensen from the Department of Computer Science, University of Aarhus.

Today we presented the Onco visible man for the first time, at a workshop at  Aarhus University hospital. The prototype features a real time stereo visualization of the “visible human” dataset. And the user is able to navigate, select and…

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