We are happy to announce that Karsten Noe has signed the letter of appointement, and will thus join the computer graphics group at the Alexandra Institute from the 1st of august 2009. Karsten was previously a PhD student (expecting a PhD degree soon) from the Department of Computer Science, University of Aarhus, working on GPU accelerated registration of deformable tissue in radiation therapy.

The real-time simulation of congenital heart surgery has been a research project since 2003. We have successfully designed and implemented a very detailed cardiac surgical simulation through the utilization of the GPU for general purpose calculations, e.g. soft tissue deformation, displacement mapping and haptic feedback. We have written a number of papers on these subject (see http://www.jespermosegaard.dk/Publications). The research project was a collaboration between computer scientists and surgeons from Aarhus, London and Tübingen.

As part of the GPGPU course at the University of Aarhus in 2005 we developed a very simple set of base-classes for General Purpose Computation using the Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) through OpenGL, Nvidia CG, and either framebuffer objects or PBuffers for render-to-texture functionality. Today you should ideally use Nvidia CUDA or OpenCL for GPGPU – but the code might still be of interest for older hardware or a pure OpenGL/CG based approach to GPGPU: SimpleReactionDiffusion (framebuffer_object).zip The archive file…