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Full spectral rendering using stochastic progressive photon mapping

After Toshiyas visit we finally got around to implement a cuda version of his great progressive photon mapping. It needs a lot of photons to converge, but it is really cool for caustics!

We have been experimenting with image based lighting and importance sampling of a HDRI maps – as well as unifying our various ray trace related techniques into a single framework (codename: Cyclops). This framework is to be used for some of our future ray trace related projects, e.g. quick rebuild of acceleration structure as well as predictive rendering. … oh, and everything is GPU based – coded from the ground up (Cuda and OpenCL).

We are  playing around with our CUDA ray tracing software. The design philosophy is to create a real-time ray tracing experience that allows the user to play with the visual parameters and get an instant feedback. This is not something revolutionary but ray tracing is such a flexible rendering technique, so the basic software can be used in a lot areas. In this demo the user can change and update the material properties at runtime. We finally found a decent…