Tag: WebGL

We visualize Denmark’s Digital Elevation Model in real-time, directly in a browser using WebGL. A virtual texturing technique is applied which enables us to handle a virtual raster size of 1048576 x 1048576 pixels. Hence, it is possible to cover the whole country, except Bornholm, with 40 cm horizontal resolution. Online demo: http://denmark3d.alexandra.dk   References: Making Digital Elevation Models Accessible, Comprehensible, and Engaging through Real-Time Visualization

In a previous post we presented a bar diagram as a quick overview over data from Danish municipalities. We have now released a live demo that utilizes some of the newest html5 features, e.g. WebGL. Click here to launch the demo. You need a recent chrome, firefox, safari (non iOS) or opera browser. Internet Explorer is not supported. Use the keys “wasdqe” and the mouse to navigate and change between dataset in the right column.