Viscom Lab Demo Zone

Enough talk, show me something!

Here we will try to maintain a list of nice demos that we made in the lab.

Interactive Ray Marching in WebAsm

Webviz (

Webviz is an online, browserbased visualization platform for volumetric dataset such as 3D scalar- and vector field, including timedependence (i.e. 4D). Webviz was designed as a social medium platform where researchers can upload and share 3d voxeldataset.

Techniques: WebGL 2.0, WebVR, HTML5 Gamepad API. 

Example in browser mode and in virtual reality mode.

Danish height model

Online browserbased 3D visualization of the Danish national elevation model (DHM 2015). The whole country was laserscanned in 2015 to produce an elevationmodel (2.5D) with a horizontal resolution of 40 cm x40 cm which corresponds to a raster size on the order of one terapixels. We have implemented an out-of-core streaming technique to handle these massive amounts of data. This work includes preprocessing of terabytes of data and implementing a backend infrastructure to serve datastreams. In addition to the raw surface model (upper picture), we have experimented with combining terrain, buildings as polygons and pointclouds (lower picture). Techniques: WebGL 1.0, Web map tile service (WMTS) backend.