Author: Peter Trier Mikkelsen

We are proud to present a new release of our  freeware surgical drilling simulator. That uses advanced volume ray casting and haptic force feedback to simulate a realistic drilling procedure in the temporal bone. This version has a complete drilling tutorial that guides the user through a whole masteodectomi. Notice the light green coloured bone structures, this indicates where the surgeon should drill. And the dark green coloured is used to display the bone that should have been drilled away…

After Toshiyas visit we finally got around to implement a cuda version of his great progressive photon mapping. It needs a lot of photons to converge, but it is really cool for caustics!

This is some of our latest coding, we have been trying to implement a cool technique called Light propagation volumes, that essentially can calculate diffuse and glossy light reflections. and thereby  add some global illumination in form of indirect light to your rendering. The technique is described in these papers: Light_Propagation_Volumes.pdf and the recent paper : In the video we experiment with glossy reflections by using ray marching in the reflected direction as described in the papers.