Its been a while since we received a developer preview of Kinect 2 for windows, but we forgot to let you all know about it.

It came in a decorated box.

Well protected.

All shiny and street with it’s stickers 🙂

It’s good looking and definitely will be much easier to integrate in an installation than its predecessor. It’s a regular box with two cameras one hidden and one visible, so the front needs to be unobstructed for the device to work. Underneath the unit the microphone array is placed which makes it much cleaner looking. There is no motorized foot on the device which is compensated with a greater field of view.

Our initial tests with the device look very promising and we will write a future post about our findings. If you have an application that you would like to prototype or test on the device do not hesitate to contact us.

Material from the future of 3D conference
Procedural Cellular Modeling