We present our newest gpu accelerated raytracer that runs entirely in JavaScript and WebGL. You can try a live demo by clicking the button below, but be sure that you have read the requirements at the bottom of the page before you launch the demo. If your system does not meet the requirements, you can watch a video here.

To involve our audience a bit further we launch a Christmas competition. The rules are as follows:
Update: We have decided to extend the competition until December 27th.

  • Use our raytracer to create the coolest image with a Christmas theme. You can supply your own scene in basic Wavefront OBJ format. Our demo video shows how to use the features of the raytracer.
  • Send a screenshot of your creation to thomas.kjeldsen@alexandra.dk.
  • We reserve the right to publish your screenshots on our blog.
  • The competition ends on December 27th 2012.

The winner will be awarded a genuine Skylark-124 gaming console.

You should ensure that you have a web browser that supports WebGL with the OES_texture_float extension.

If you use Windows you will need a recent version Firefox (v17 has been tested) or Chrome (v23 has been tested) due to some optimizations in the shader compiler in the Angle layer. Alternatively you have to enable native opengl in your browser (in Firefox open about:config and set webgl.prefer-native-gl=true, in Chrome use the command line argument –use-gl=desktop).

Oriented Particles Christmas Card
GLSL and WebGL pathtracing benchmark