Here is a little movie showing real time simulation of non-linear elastic material properties using the Total Lagrangian Explicit Dynamic FEM. Three different sets of material parameters were used. Our implementation is done in CUDA. Thanks to Brian Bunch Christensen and Jens Rimestad for cooperation on the implementation.

The source code is under the LGPL licence and can be found here. Please acknowledge if you use it for your research. Thanks to Movania Muhammad Mobeen for tidying up the project so it should compile out of the box.

Dirk Fortmeier made this project work in linux using CMAKE. You can find the code for this at which also includes haptics interaction.

How we used the model in previous research can be read in the following paper:

Solid mesh registration for radiotherapy treatment planning.
K. Ø. Noe, T.S. Sørensen.
2010 International Symposium on Biomedical Simulation (ISBMS).
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2010; 5958: 59-70.

Some videos showing our use can be found here.

Triers CUDA ray tracing tutorial
Noe's tutorial on deforming 3D geometry using RBFs